Space Pioneers Work Here

The expanse of space is a shared inheritance. We are laying the groundwork for a future wherein humanity becomes a multi-planetary species, fostering unity and shaping a better world.

At navXcom, we're pioneering the future of communication and navigation systems for the Moon and Mars, offering an unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of space exploration.

Here's why joining our team in these early stages is an extraordinary chance:  

  • Elevated Career Trajectory: You'll have the opportunity to secure high-level, high-paying roles with exceptional benefits as we grow. This is your chance to be a key player in shaping the future of space technology.  
  • Contribute to NASA Projects: Your work directly supports a NASA project, allowing you to be part of something truly impactful and globally recognized.  
  • Shape Humanity's Future: By joining us, you'll be contributing to projects that aim to establish a sustainable presence on the Moon and, ultimately, on Mars. Help pave the way for humanity to become a multi-planetary species and leave an indelible mark on history.  
  • Leverage Your Expertise: Whether you're a seasoned professional or transitioning to the space industry, your unique skills and experiences are valued here. Showcase your talents and make a significant impact on groundbreaking projects.  
  • Expand Your Expertise: Gain invaluable knowledge in space systems development while earning a certificate of completion.  
  • Internship Opportunity: If you're an experienced student experienced student, this role can be structured as an internship, allowing you to gain valuable hands-on experience in mobile app development while earning academic credit. We're committed to supporting your professional growth and providing mentorship throughout your internship journey.