Meet Our Core Team

Matthew J. Onassis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

​Matthew is an accomplished entrepreneur and astropreneur at the helm of navXcom, driving the company toward ambitious goals through strategic partnerships and collaboration with commercial companies and space agencies worldwide. ​His 15 years of extensive and diverse experience across multiple industries, including business roles at NASA L'SPACE Academy and Project and Supply Chain Management at Blue Origin, has uniquely positioned him to lead in the dynamic field of space exploration.

​He earned a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management in 2014 and, later in 2024, a Master of Space Operations from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. As an honor student, he focused on deep-space mission architecture and technologies, which reflects his commitment and passion for advancing space exploration.

​Matthew's vision extends beyond individual accomplishments, emphasizing a collective future. In his words, "The expanse of space is a shared inheritance. We are laying the groundwork for a future wherein humanity becomes a multi-planetary species, fostering unity and shaping a better world." He stands as a visionary leader, combining experience, education, and a profound commitment to shaping the future of space exploration.

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Luca De Caneva

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

​Luca, graduated from Stony Brook University with a BS. in Astronomy & Astrophysics and obtained a graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence from Harvard University. He is currently studying MS. in Artificial Intelligence. He is also an alumni of NASA L'SPACE Academy (NPWEE and MCA).

​​In his role as COO and President of navXcom, Luca leads the advancement of space communication and navigation. His expertise in artificial intelligence is enriched by undergraduate astrodynamics research with PhD students and quantitative analysis experience. Coupled with his military experience as a fighter jet maintenance technician, Luca's diverse skill set uniquely qualifies him as a leading figure in the field.

​At navXcom, Luca's expertise in merging theoretical knowledge with practical application is crucial in developing innovative cognitive networks for lunar and Martian missions. He champions the idea that space exploration is a collective endeavor, advancing technology while uniting humanity in a shared pursuit of a greater future. Luca reflects, "Our destiny lies in the stars, where we journey together towards collective enlightenment. Space exploration is our path to expanding the scope and scale of human consciousness. In my work, I am committed to this grand vision.

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Glimpse Pandey

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

​​Glimpse is a Physics and Mathematics student from Pokhara, Nepal. He has interests in applied physics and mathematics, and solving problems through computation, algorithms and information theory. He has been involved in the formulation and development of the navXcom idea from the very beginning going back to the company's NASA L'SPACE NPWEE origins.

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Dr. Jeff Yearwood

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

With a solid background spanning over 20 years in Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Dr. Yearwood brings a Senior Engineer's expertise to navXcom. With a Doctorate Degree in Cybersecurity, his specialized skills in areas such as Data protection, Risk mitigation, Cyber Security, and Network Defense can contribute to our research and development. Passionate about his work, Dr. Yearwood earned a Doctorate Degree in Cybersecurity from Capella University in 2020. 

​Dr. Yearwood possesses a comprehensive skill set, including proficiency in technologies such as PCI, Nessus, Data Forensics, Router, Firewall, DLP, and Intrusion Detection. Certified in various areas, including CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, IT Operations Specialist, Secure Infrastructure Specialist, ITIL v.4, and Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer, his expertise extends to Windows Server Administration, Active Directory, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and network design and implementation. The prospect of collaborating and leveraging his knowledge to enhance navXcom technological initiatives is met with enthusiasm.

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Emi A. Lee

Cognitive & Machine Learning Scientist

​​Emi is a dedicated Cognitive and Machine Learning expert with a rich background in research and technology. She currently works as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at UC San Diego Design Lab, where she helps develop tools and frameworks for studying investing applied machine learning and AI applications for energy calibration, autonomous vehicles, and UX GUI’s. With a background in analytics, data science, problem-solving, and various technologies such as Python, SQL, and R,  Emi possess a range of experiences showcasing her passion for cognitive science and machine learning research.

​In her position as a Data Science Research Assistant at Agile Electrification, Emi actively contributes to electrifying 10 million homes. Her responsibilities include developing automation tools, software tools for data analysis and preprocessing, and participating in machine learning model development.

​Emi's academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science with a focus on Machine Learning and Neural Computation, reflecting her commitment to advancing cognitive and machine learning sciences. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated strong analytical skills, collaborative problem-solving abilities, and expertise in various technologies, including Python, NumPy, Pandas, and more. Emi's passion for research and her role as a Cognitive and Machine Learning Scientist is evident in her varied experiences, from serving as a NASA L'SPACE Project Manager to contributing as a Central Operations Assistant at UC San Diego.

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Dr. Andrew Aldrin

Sr. Business Advisor

Dr. Aldrin serves as the President of the Aldrin Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to leveraging the wonders of space to inspire a passion for STEAM education among students of diverse ages and backgrounds. Dr. Aldrin has been a guiding force in this organization since 2014, overseeing the expansion of educational programs to reach over 300 elementary schools and universities.

​In addition to his role at the Aldrin Family Foundation, Dr. Aldrin serves as the Program Coordinator for the Masters of Space Operations at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. His extensive background includes being the former Director of the ISU Center for Space Entrepreneurship at Florida Tech and an Associate Professor of Engineering Management at the same institution. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Aldrin held prominent positions in industry and government research, including executive roles at Boeing, United Launch Alliance, and Moon Express.

​Dr. Aldrin's rich professional history also encompasses contributions to research at the RAND Corporation and the Institute for Defense Analyses. He actively participates on the boards of several charitable organizations, including The Secure World Foundation, Sea Space Symposium, and the Tau Zero Foundation. Holding a Ph.D. from UCLA in Political Science, an MBA from TRIUM (NYU, LSE, HEC), and an MA from George Washington University in Science, Technology, and Public Policy, Dr. Aldrin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the navXcom team.

​At navXcom, Dr. Aldrin generously volunteers his time, providing valuable mentorship. His exceptional experience in the space industry positions him as a key asset in helping navXcom achieve its goals through strategic partnerships and the implementation of industry best practices.

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Dr.  Jonathan W. Campbell

Sr. Technical Advisor

Dr. Jonathan W. Campbell, an accomplished aerospace professional, graduated from Auburn University with a B.A.E. in Aerospace Engineering. His journey includes noteworthy contributions to Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, where he played a key role in projects involving SR-71 and F14-B engines, as well as RL-10 rocket engines. Transitioning to military service, Dr. Campbell excelled in courses like the Basic Officer’s Air Defense Course and the Chaparral/Vulcan Officer’s Course, achieving the rank of Captain. His dedication continued at the Missile and Space Intelligence Agency (MSIC) at Redstone Arsenal, AL, where he served before joining the Air Force Reserve. Rising to the rank of Full Colonel, Dr. Campbell pioneered laser research in space and supported the Air Force's Reserve Advanced Research Team (RESART), leaving a lasting impact on emerging technologies and Air Force strategy.

Post-military, Dr. Campbell's commitment to aerospace persisted as he joined NASA/MSFC, contributing significantly to programs like the Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Shuttle Main Engine. His academic pursuits led to advanced degrees, including M.S. degrees in Engineering Management, Theoretical Physics, and Experimental Plasma and Fusion Physics, as well as a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and Space Science. Dr. Campbell, an FAA-certified flight instructor with over 2000 hours of flight time, also served as the first commander of the Redstone Arsenal Civil Air Patrol Squadron. His post-retirement involvement includes being a NASA Administrator’s Fellow, leading successful student research projects, and actively participating in university-related activities. Dr. Campbell retired in 2010, leaving behind a legacy of over 30 years of military and aerospace excellence, marked by awards like the Air Force Legion of Merit.

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Mr. Doug Kaupa

Sr. Technical Advisor

​Mr. Kaupa, a retired Air Force officer, boasts over 20 years of active duty experience with a diverse background. Formerly a RC-135 navigator, KC-135 test pilot, and astronautical engineer, he has transitioned into the role of a space operational research and systems analyst at US Strategic Command.

​During his illustrious career, Mr. Kaupa enjoyed a 2-year tour as a RC-135 navigator at Offutt AFB, undertaking worldwide missions. He was selected for and successfully completed pilot training in 2000, subsequently flying global missions in the KC-135 and serving as a test pilot at Edwards from 2006 through 2010. Following graduation from the AF Institute of Technology, he was chosen to instruct astrodynamics and rocket propulsion engineering at the USAF Academy from 2012 to 2015. Retired from active duty, Mr. Kaupa is now dedicated to space analysis and exercise planning at US Strategic Command at Offutt, a move that brings him closer to his family.

​His educational achievements include a degree in Astronautical Engineering with a minor in French from the USAF Academy in 1995, a Master of Aeronautical Science from ERAU in 2005, and a subsequent degree in Astronautical Engineering from the AF Institute of Technology in 2012.

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